I am pleased to offer month-long coaching/consulting sessions. I'm eager to work with you!

Month Long Sessions Include

Pre-Consult Planning Survey
Just a few short questions that will help us get on the same page and make the most of our time together.

Opening Video Conference (about an hour -- or maybe 2 shorter conferences)
Things We Might Discuss:
  • Where you are.
  • Where you’d like to go.
  • What you’d like to accomplish.
  • Examples of your artwork.
  • General first-look critique.
  • Projects you might consider: social media, publishing, exhibiting, working in a series, design and composition, technical questions, anything at all.
  • Developing your creative voice.
  • A particular project or opportunity you’re working on
Follow up Report
  • I’ll send a report of the things we discussed in the Opening Video Conference. I’ll include suggestions, resources, projects and ideas you can work on over the month. 
Email Check-In and Response
  • During the month you can email me with progress reports, images to critique, questions or requests.
  • I’ll email back with comments and suggestions within just a day or two.
Closing Video Conference (about an hour)
Things We Might Discuss:
  • Where you are.
  • What you accomplished.
  • Examples of new art work.
  • Additional critique.
  • Review successes and challenges.
  • What you can do next.
Follow up Report
  • I’ll send a report of the things we discussed in the closing video conference including a review of your accomplishments! I’ll offer additional suggestions, resources, projects and ideas you can work on for your continued growth.
My Experience
  • The most important thing I bring to the table is my sincere desire to help you figure out what kinds of art you want to create and how to maximize the opportunities and projects related to your art. 
  • I’ve made lots of art quilts. Several of them have been published and some won prizes. 
  • I’ve taught lots of workshops and worked with students of all kinds.
  • I’ve mentored and consulted both online and in person in one-on-one situations.
  • I authored a book and write regularly about about art and creativity.
  • I’ve found lots of helpful and inspiring resources and I’m eager to share them with you.
  • I’m a good listener. I also ask good questions.
  • I will be honest, thoughtful and kind.
  • I’ll nudge or maybe even push… but we’ll be working closely to make your work all about YOU!
  • You can begin your “month” at any time. The two video sessions should take place within a four week period. 
  • If you purchase multiple months, they don't have to be consecutive. 
  • We’ll use Zoom for video conferencing. It’s super easy. I’ll send you a link to connect. You’ll just need a web cam and mike (most computers have them installed) and good internet connection.
  • One month might be great if you’re working on a particular short term project and want specific guidance.
  • Several consecutive months would be great for developing your creative voice or working on long-term goals. 
I’m happy to set up a complementary mini-session to discuss whether we’re a good fit for your creative journey. Just send me an email. And if you have any questions at all... 

Deborah [@]  
(Sorry I can't put a direct link. Those nasty spammers make it impossible.)

Pricing for 2017
1 month: $125
3 months: $350 ($25 savings)
6 months: $700 ($50 savings)
12 months:  $1400 ($100 savings)

Ready to sign up?! Awesome. Email me and I'll send you a invoice to pay by credit card or PayPal and we'll get started!

Deborah [@]